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This site is currently in beta and will grow along with the American Climate Corps.

What you'll do

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Two Americorps members carry a solar panel for installation.

Get paid to work on climate solutions

As part of the inaugural class of the American Climate Corps (ACC), you’ll join thousands of young people getting paid to fight the impacts of climate change today, while learning the skills to be part of tomorrow’s clean energy and climate-resilience workforce.

Sample projects ACC members will work on

  • Public lands and waters

    • Protect America’s public lands and waters for future generations
    • Manage forests to prevent catastrophic wildfire
    • Rebuild coastal wetlands to protect communities from storm surges and flooding
  • Clean energy

    • Deploy low-cost reliable, clean energy
    • Weatherize homes and public buildings
    • Conduct energy audits to save hard-working families money on their energy bills
  • Urban areas

    • Advance environmental justice to ensure all Americans can live in healthy, thriving communities
    • Address extreme heat by planting trees and deploying strategies to expand cool communities
    • Assist neighbors in public housing communities by educating residents on sustainability and energy efficiency
  • Community resilience

    • Deploy nature-based solutions and expand the use of traditional ecological knowledge to help communities prepare for climate impacts
    • Help communities rebuild after extreme weather disasters by and support disaster survivors
    • Support communities in historical and cultural heritage preservation efforts
  • Food systems

    • Enhance agricultural systems to protect natural resources and conserve water during droughts
    • Create and maintain community gardens to increase access to fresh and healthy food
    • Build local food systems by establishing and supporting farm to table and farmers’ market initiatives
  • Capacity building

    • Support the health and sustainability of community-based organizations through grant writing or fundraising
    • Manage outreach to communities by recruiting and engaging local volunteers
    • Conduct environmental research

Benefits of joining the ACC

Two Americorps members pose in safety gear in a wooded outdoor environment.
  • Get paid to tackle the climate crisis through part-time or full-time opportunity.
  • Launch your career on a path to high-quality, good-paying opportunities in the public and private sectors.
  • Access training that will help you gain skills and knowledge for a career in the clean energy and climate-resilience economy.
  • Serve in a opportunity that is term limited.

Some opportunities will offer:

An Americorps member chats with students in a classroom.
  • A Segal AmeriCorps Education Award, worth up to $7,395 this year, that can be used to pay for post-secondary education and training or to reduce student debt upon completion of an eligible ACC opportunity.
  • Access to a streamlined pathway into federal service, either immediately upon completion of a single term, or through completion of multiple terms of service.
  • Opportunity-specific training opportunities to prepare you for your time as a member of the ACC.
  • Healthcare, childcare, transportation, housing and more.
Four Americorps members in hard hats, dirty t-shirts, and work gloves work together outdoors in a rocky landscape.

Where you’ll work

The American Climate Corps is being implemented alongside a growing group of partners that offer paid workforce training and service opportunities in communities across the country. Opportunities are available in several types of organizations including federal agencies; state, local, and Tribal governments; non-profits; and state-based climate corps. See a list of open opportunities.