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TCWP Education and Outreach Specialist

Northern Ohio Watershed Corps


Opportunity summary

Term length

10/08/2024 - 09/30/2025

Application window

05/13/2024 - 08/01/2024


Twinsburg, Ohio

Hourly pay equivalent


Project summary

Assist with overall planning and creating an SOP document. Organize and upload educational content on virtual conference site for virtual attendees. Assist with the development of the conference agenda. Graphic design – develop marketing materials, fact sheets, programs and outreach materials. Website design/updates for annual Ohio stormwater conference. Develop and update conference app content to be used by attendees. Communicate/liaise with conference speakers and attendees.

Opportunity description

Coordinate the TCWP Winter Webinar speaker series and activities for the 2025 program year. Organize and maintain equipment needed for programs and activities. Develop educational and instructional materials including but not limited to videos, graphic art, brochures, short articles, and fun facts. Social media/marketing for outreach and education. Assist staff with planning, organizing, and running community rain barrel workshops. Plan, coordinate, and implement Watershed Family Fun Day and other public/community events with staff. Engage communities to help increase TCWP impact in underserved areas. Support TCWP staff at public and community engagement events. Develop and record at least 3 episodes of a TCWP Stormwater podcast.


  • Paid training
  • Federal loan deferment
  • Eligible mileage reimbursement
  • Full-time members eligible for healthcare
  • May be eligible for childcare
  • Additional training stipend $125/quarter
  • Free attendance to the Ohio Stormwater Conference

Requirements and qualifications


Must have GED or high school diploma; be 18 or older by October 8, 2024. Must successfully pass a National Service Criminal History Check (NSCHC). Must be a U.S citizen, national or lawful permanent resident.

Preferred qualifications

Possess a valid driver's license. Have an interest in the environmental field such as, stormwater managment, climate impacts, or urban forestry. Demonstrate maturity and cultural competency. Self-motivated and able to work on a team.

Opportunity details

Focus area

  • Environmental education
  • Citizen science
  • Stormwater management

Work environment

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor