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Student Jacobs Crk Civilian Conservation Center

USDA Forest Service Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center


Opportunity summary

Term length

4/14/2024 - 6/30/2026

Application window

4/1/2024 - 6/1/2025


Bristol, Tennessee

Hourly pay equivalent


Project summary

This program offers the chance to experience many aspects of conservation in a wide variety of projects on public lands while preparing the student for federal or private hiring.  Projects include wildland firefighting, support,  and fuels reduction, timber management from sale preparation to reforestation, invasives mitigation, watershed rehabilitation, resource (flora and fauna) surveys, fish and wildlife management, and developed and dispersed recreation, among others. 

Opportunity description

This position will familiarize students with natural resource management, safety, incident command, wildland fire suppression, management, control and support. They will learn about improving watersheds, soil and hydrology, and learn how to mitigate invasive species, identify and survey flora, fish and wildlife. They will learn about silviculture and land measurement, how to identify, value and mark timber, conduct reforestation, and improve forest health, maintain trails and recreation, and operate and maintain specialized tools and equipment. There are as many as 10 openings. 


  • Housing
  • Healthcare
  • Education benefit

Requirements and qualifications


Must meet income limitations and be between 16 and 24 years old or have a disability. This trade includes significant outdoor activity and physical training, hiking with a pack, and requires strength to use tools. Those who are not able to meet physical requirements are nonetheless encouraged to apply as there are other trades which also are conservation focused. There is no requirement for a High School diploma or GED.

Preferred qualifications

Forestry conservation and firefighting requires an interest in working out of doors, protecting the land and serving people.  The CCCs offer many other trades that also support conservation and public lands, such as heavy equipment operation, welding, construction and maintenance, office administration, and culinary.  Please apply if you are interested in any of these or other trade training.

Opportunity details

Focus area

  • Forestry
  • Wildland firefighting and rules reduction
  • Reforestation or afforestation
  • Outdoor recreation access improvements
  • Forestry
  • Natural resources preservation and conservation
  • Biodiversity protection and restoration
  • Waterway restoration
  • Environmental justice
  • Local ecosystem restoration
  • Disaster preparedness
  • Recovery and response
  • Soil and water conservation
  • Environmental education and training
  • Other job skills development
  • Education.

Work environment

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor