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HF+G Horticulture Specialist

Northern Ohio Watershed Corps


Opportunity summary

Term length

10/08/2024 - 09/30/2025

Application window

05/13/2024 - 08/01/2024


Madison, Ohio

Hourly pay equivalent


Project summary

Support the maintenance and development of our grounds and living plant collections. Work with supervisor to develop and complete independent projects focused on plant conservation, plant breeding, public outreach, or other related topics. Develop horticulture and laboratory skills to aid our operations and complete projects. Conduct literature research on plant breeding, conservation, horticulture, pests and diseases and/or other related projects. Contribute to the advancement of landscape plant breeding populations and selections through a mix of field work, experiments, and evaluations.

Opportunity description

Learn to utilize database and GIS systems including BG-Base, Microsoft Access, and ArcGIS with Field Maps. Learn to safely operate vehicles, equipment, and machinery including ATVs, riding and push lawnmowers, brush cutters, tractors, back-pack sprayers, and hand tools. Safely apply pesticides under direction of certified applicators. Work full days in the field under a variety of weather conditions, as well as full days indoors in the laboratory. Assist with routine equipment and facilities maintenance


  • Paid training
  • Federal loan deferment
  • Eligible mileage reimbursement
  • Full-time members eligible for healthcare
  • May be eligible for childcare
  • Additional training stipend $125/quarter
  • Free attendance to the Ohio Stormwater Conference

Requirements and qualifications


Must have GED or high school diploma; be 18 or older by October 8, 2024. Must successfully pass a National Service Criminal History Check (NSCHC). Must be a U.S citizen, national or lawful permanent resident.

Preferred qualifications

Possess a valid driver's license. Have an interest in the environmental field such as, stormwater managment, climate impacts, or urban forestry. Demonstrate maturity and cultural competency. Self-motivated and able to work on a team.

Opportunity details

Focus area

  • Natural resource conservation and preservation
  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Environmental research

Work environment

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor