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Climate Action Fellow

California Climate Action Corps


Opportunity summary

Term length

09/16/2024 - 08/15/2025

Application window

05/01/2024 - 08/16/2024


Berkeley, California

Hourly pay equivalent


Project summary

The California Climate Action Corps (CCAC) is part of a statewide initiative to address and mitigate the effects of climate change. CCAC matches Fellows with organizations to mobilize community members to take direct climate action through education, volunteer mobilization, and assessment focused on urban greening, organic waste diversion and edible food recovery, and wildfire resiliency. This is a climate-focused, workforce development program for emerging climate and environmental leaders.

Opportunity description

The City of Berkeley offers a unique opportunity to drive sustainability efforts across multiple divisions in urban forestry and zero waste. As a Climate Action Fellow, you'll play a pivotal role in Berkeley's environmental leadership, collaborating with diverse teams to implement tree equity initiatives and enhance zero waste practices. Fellows will join a dynamic team that brings together individuals from different divisions to address pressing climate challenges. In the Urban Forestry division, Fellows will lead efforts to increase tree canopy in underserved neighborhoods, providing essential resilience benefits such as shade to combat heat island effect and improved air quality. In the Zero Waste division, Fellows will engage with local restaurants to promote food donation and waste reduction efforts, supporting community-based organizations serving vulnerable residents. Aid the City of Berkeley's efforts to create a more sustainable and resilient future for all. Duties include, but are not limited to: Educate and engage local restaurants to promote food donation and waste reduction requirements, while assessing appropriate organics collection services. Facilitate partnerships between restaurants and food recovery organizations to streamline the distribution of food for food-insecure residents Lead efforts to increase tree canopy in lower-income neighborhoods by assessing potential tree planting locations and efficiently processing community requests for street trees. Recruit and coordinate volunteers for tree planting events to plant 1,000 trees Conduct outreach and engagement to raise awareness, provide zero waste education, and promote the City's tree planting efforts at community events and farmer's markets.


  • $33,600 stipend
  • $10,000 education award
  • 340 hours of professional development
  • Minimum essential healthcare
  • Loan forbearance
  • Food and childcare assistance (for those eligible)

Requirements and qualifications


Live in California by August 16, 2024. Must be age 18 or older by August 16, 2024. Must possess a high school diploma or equivalent. Must be a US Citizen, US National, or lawful US resident to participate.

Preferred qualifications

An interest in climate change mitigation, volunteerism, or public service. Experience with outreach, education, training, or community behavior change. Fundamental understanding of climate change science, environmental policies in California, and/or environmental priorities. Excellent organizational, writing, interpersonal, and speaking skills.

Opportunity details

Focus area

  • Urban greening
  • Organic waste and edible food recovery

Work environment

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor