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Alabama–Coushatta Tribal Youth Crew Member

Texas Conservation Corps of American YouthWorks


Opportunity summary

Term length

6/3/2024 - 8/2/2024

Application window

3/24/2024 - 6/3/2024


Livingston, Texas

Hourly pay equivalent


Project summary

American YouthWorks Conservation Corps AmeriCorps Members ages 18+ will participate in environmental conservation projects in parks, green spaces, & public lands in TX & the surrounding region. Members are eligible to receive an AmeriCorps Education Award upon successful program completion. This project is an adventurous USFS partnership & includes Cultural Heritage work/archeological assessments, endangered species work with Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers, and forestry-related job skills training.

Opportunity description

The Texas Conservation Corps' (TXCC) Summer Youth Program (SYC) AmeriCorps opportunity is specifically for Alabama-Coushatta members to work on local habitat restoration projects. TXCC is searching for 6 Alabama-Coushatta Members to join SYC positions for 900 hour terms on Alabama-Coushatta tribal lands in partnership with USFS! Participants engage in hands-on conservation projects on public lands, coastal regions, National Parks, and recreational areas across the Central Southern United States. Hourly pay equivalent is $15.00 for Crew Members, $17.00 for Crew Leaders.


  • Education benefit
  • Workforce credential or certificate
  • Healthcare
  • Forestry-related job skills training

Requirements and qualifications


US Citizenship or lawful permanent US Resident. Alabama–Coushatta tribal citizen. Ability to pass a National Service Criminal History Check.

Preferred qualifications

Commitment to completing an entire term of service. Strong service ethic and desire to serve the community and the environment. Function as part of a team and be able to get along with members of all races, genders, political beliefs, religions, experience levels. Crew leaders should have a clear 3-year driving record and between 3-5 months of previous hands-on conservation experience.

Opportunity details

Focus area

  • Natural resource preservation and conservation
  • Biodiversity protection and restoration
  • Waterway restoration
  • Outdoor recreation access improvements
  • Forestry
  • Indigenous knowledge reclamation
  • Historic
  • cultural
  • and language preservation
  • City parks and greenspaces creation and maintenance
  • Coastal wetlands restoration
  • Local ecosystem restoration
  • Soil and water conservation
  • Environmental education and training
  • Cultural Heritage work/archeological assessments
  • endangered species work with Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers
  • and forestry-related job skills training

Work environment

  • Team based
  • Rural
  • Outdoor